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Your carpet your way

Carpet offers an array of benefits, some old and some much newer, that are sure to not only appeal to your senses, but to your needs and requirements as well. For instance, this material is known for its amazing softness, especially to the bare feet. It’s also known as a warm and welcoming addition to any space, as well as a safer atmosphere for small children. With benefits like these and many more, you would do yourself a favor by learning more about the material. It would be this is the flooring you’ve needed all along.

At FloorOne, our main showroom is located in Dalton, GA. However, we are proud to service 48 states as a national dealer. Featuring brands such as Mohawk, Coronet, Milliken, and Weave Masters, just to time a few, we’re sure to have all your flooring needs covered in this category. We also offer exceptional professional services, with a desire to attain 100% satisfaction with your first purchase. Our flooring professionals are standing by so be sure to come to see us at your convenience to find out how we can better serve you.

Carpet offers plenty for everyone

This floor covering is well known as being the softest underfoot feel in the industry. In fact, it’s not surprising to actually look for opportunities to walk barefoot after having it installed. That same softness creates a much quieter environment as well, by creating noise resistance that soaks up many of the sounds that might normally echo through your home.

The perfect fit for a wide variety of interior decor needs

It’s also an excellent addition to living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms as it offers extensive appearance options that fit a wide variety of interior decor needs. From hundreds of gorgeous solid colors to extensive combinations, patterns, and designs, you’re going to love the way this flooring makes your home look.
Luxury carpet in nationwide from FloorOne

New carpet fiber technology

Carpet is perfect for kids’ rooms, offering the warmth to create an excellent play place. It also offers a more stable walking surface so that toddlers are less likely to fall, especially with the aid of walking devices. However, if they do fall down, this material makes sure there are fewer opportunities for serious injury.

Additionally, in this material, you can find such amazing benefits as fibers that are hypoallergenic, or fibers that have stain resistance built right into the fibers themselves. This is great news for many homeowners who have spent years avoiding this material for these very reasons.

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